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Exim Bank, established by an Act of Parliament, 1981 has been the purveyor of export credit providing financial assistance to exporters and importers, and has been acting as a principal financial institution facilitating India’s international trade.

With a view to promoting the country’s trade and for matters connected therewith, Exim Bank has envisioned creation of an online platform. This online platform has been christened as “EXIM Mitra”, meaning a ‘friend for exporter and importer’.

The platform endeavours to fullfill twin objectives, namely delivery of trade-related information and facilitation of access to credit and insurance for exporters and importers.

Taking cognizance of the existing information asymmetry amongst a large number of exporters and importers, Exim Bank has made an effort to create “EXIM Mitra” as a facility to ascertain potential global markets and products, understand product standards across the globe, estimate freight cost, credit insurance, identify agencies providing handholding, amongst a host of other value added services.

The platform has also devised an online format to facilitate a prospective exporter and importer explore funding opportunities on the basis of the merits of the case.

This portal also envisages financial inclusion by delivering information and facilitating financial services.


To facilitate awareness of India’s business community in a way that enhances India’s international trade


Greater share of India in world trade